Berta is concerned about the uprooting of human beings from nature and our planetary impact. Her EARTH RESILIENCE series is imbued with climate change and the future of our planet that may ignore the needs of mortals. Her photographs show us imaginary landscapes, where the wild instinct of nature ignores humans, evolves and survives. Biotic factors – deforestation, fishing, fires, pollution… – temporary injuries for her, decline for the living. And abiotic factors – deglaciations, eruptions, storms … – natural disasters for us, changes in the beauty of natural cycles for her.

 Each of these dreamlike landscapes is geolocated and referenced by their title, like scars from the natural world. The visitor is immersed in a series of post-traumatic landscapes, like a call to be aware of our actions on the planet.

 The choice of the slide as a medium is evident from its double dimension: its small format representing the subject on a microcosmic scale and its equivalent projection on the macrocosmic scale.

Amy and her quiet experiments, who create music under the concept of « background music at an art museum, » have composed the ambient music for this series.

« Karymsky » – Russia
« Kawah Ijen » – Indonesia
« Qinghai-Tibet plateau » – China
« Karnataka » – India
« Aral sea » – Kazakhstan
« Antalaha » – Madagascar
« Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden 79N » – Greenland
« Fagradfsjall » – Iceland
« Boca do Acre » – Amazonas, Brazil