Cosmic Abyss

This is a selection of Berta Sese’s series «MacroCosmos», which explores the connection between the detail and the whole. She started it on 2012 and it is still in continuous expansion, as the universe. «Cosmic Abyss» reveals a poetic image of the distant cosmos find out much more closer than we could imagine. Berta’s work is referred to the hermetic Principle of Correspondence, which allow us to know the whole of the Universe by exploring the higher and lower nature of things, which surround the mystery. Fascinated as well by the Japanese wabi sabi concept, the artist photographs are based on the observation and perception of unusual daily places and surfaces. She interprets their priceless details, and shows us another profile of the real world concretized on a different scale. Through a macro lens, the artist identifies the subject with a very intimate dimension, as a fractal scientific approach to our environment and its projections. The result of her images is an abstraction of reality filled with emotion and turned into a new element. Berta’s photographs do not alter the initial subject. Without graphic montage, respecting the original purity, they reveal naturally a hidden image, visualized with the artist’s imagination.

« Chaotic bang »
« Genesis of a new day »
« Birth out of scale »
« Seed of cosmic life »
« Primary strenght »
« Opposite attraction »
« Where all starts »
« Gravitationally bound together »
« Gazing down into the infinite cosmic abyss »
« Edge of infinity »
« Fullness of the abyss »
« Eternally free »